.The Cedars International Festival, Held Since 1963, Is A Non-profit Organization With A Vision To Revive Its Festivals And To Promote It To Both Artistic And Touristic International Level In A Way That Reflects Its Rich History, Cultural & Emblematic Value Of The “cedars Of God Forest”.

The Cedars International Festival’s Mission Is To Increase Tourism In The District Of Bsharri And Reflect The Positive Image Of What Symbolic And Deep-rooted Traditions This Region Holds In The History Of Lebanon.

A Vast Rebuilding Of The Infrastructure Of This Area Began In 2005 By Member Of Parliament And President Of The Cedars International Festival Mrs. Sethrida Geagea. These Accomplishments Rendered It Possible To Finally Revive These Festivals In The Summer Of 2015, And To Restore The Former Glory Of The Cedar Forest To Its Artistic And Touristic Position In Lebanon.

As The “cedars Of God Forest” Was Added To The Unesco List Of “world Heritage Sites” In 1998, And Since Has Been Rigorously Protected, A New Location To Hold The Festivals Was Necessary. To Allocate The Proper Site, Mrs. Geagea And The Committee Invited Representatives Of The Ministry Of Culture, Ministry Of Environment, Unesco And Committee Of The Friends Of The Cedar Forest To Advise On The Best Location On Which The Festivals Can Be Held And At The Same Time Allow All Attendees To See With The Naked Eye The Mystical Cedar Forest.