How To Get To The Cedars

You Can Access The Cedars Region Through These Main Roads:

1. Through The Bekaa Town Of 'Dier El Ahmar', Located On The Eastern Slopes Of The Western Mountain Range Of Mount Lebanon, Passing Through The Town Of “inata”, Through To The Cedars.

2. Through The District Of Koura (Amioun - Kosba) To The District Of Bsharri Going Through
(Abdine – Hadath El Jebe - Hassroun - Bsharri - Cedars).

3. From Tripoli Through Daher El Ein - Bsarma - Kosba - Bsharri - Cedars. Through Koura - Zgharta - Ehden - Ban - Hadchit – Bsharri - Cedars. You Can Also Go Through The Town Of Torza - Aito - Ehden - Ban - Hadchit - Bsharri - Cedars